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Submitted on
December 5, 2012
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"Ghost of Myself"

By: cookiekeras/Ezra Miles

To give up or give in
Is like becoming a ghost of myself
Hopes and dreams,
Thoughts and feelings
Were they all real?
Your touch, the smell of your hair
All distant with solemn intent
I lie awake at night
Wondering the possibilities
I live in dreams,
Hoping to relive memories
Headphones and piercings
Hoodies and rings
Glasses on tan skin
Staring into an empty sky
Have I become a ghost of who I was?
A ghost of myself
Still living but empty
I used to laugh,
Greet you with a wide grin
Am I stuck within
A ghost of who I was?
I decided take a dive into my own psyche, into who I am. Or who I was, at least.
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